Three Million GP an Hour (Runescape)

What is Decanting: Making a (3) dose potion into a (4) dose potion.

How do you decant?

  1. Withdraw (3) dose potions from your bank.
  2. Run to Bob Barter (located at the Grand Exchange
  3. Right click him, and click “Decant”
  4. Once he has said “There you go, chum”. Run to the Grand Exchange bank, and
    right click on the banker.
  5. When the bank menu has opened up, click on the button that deposits your
    inventory into the bank.
  6. Repeat the process until your (3) dose potions are all (4) dose potions.

NB: Usually, the more expensive the potion is, the more profit per hour you can make.
Use common potions, such as the ones listed above.

Favourite Potions:

  1. Super Restore Potion (3) into Super Restore Potion (4)
  2. Prayer Potion (3) into Prayer Potion (4)
  3. Saradomin Brew (3) into Saradomin Brew (4)
  4. Super Energy Potion (3) into Super Energy Potion (4)
  5. Ranging Potion (3) into Ranging Potion (4)
  6. Magic Potion (3) into Magic Potion (4)
  7. Super Strength (3) into Super Strength (4)

What to do:

Finding a Buy/Sell Price

Put an offer in the GE for 1 potion at mid price, if it buys instantly, then try an
offer for 10gp under mid, if that buys quickly, then lower your price by another
10gp, keep doing this until you find a price where the potions sell steadily, but
they take a while to sell. Likewise, if you put an offer in the GE for 1 potion at
mid price and it doesn’t buy. Put an offer for mid price + 3gp, if that doesn’t buy
within 3minutes, LEAVE THAT OFFER IN, but put another off in the GE for
mid price + 13gp, keep repeating until you find a price where it buys steadily, but
does take a while to sell.

The Profit

The profit of doing this method DOES NOT comes from buying the (3) pots for mid and
selling the (4) pots for mid. If you’re unsure, all potions are based on each others prices,
so if a (1) pot goes up by 10gp, then the (4) pot will go up by 40gp.

To gain the profits that I want, I try to make 70gp profit per dose.
For example:
Buy the (3) potion for 6,000gp (2000gp per dose)
Get it decanted, and sell the (4) potion for 8300 (2075gp per dose).


  1. Use all 6 GE boxes, this is crucial if you want to gain the biggest profits, by using
    all 6 GE boxes, you will be able to buy 6x as many potions as you would with 1
    GE box.
  2. Once all of your potions have bought, you need to start at the Grand Exchange, it
    helps to have your (3) potion and your (4) in the same tab. Place the (3) dose potion
    that you will be decanting on the right hand side of your bank tab, this will speed up
    the banking process.
  3. Invest lots of money. The more money you invest, the easier it is to gain good
  4. Don’t Rush into buying potions.
  5. Rotate the camera so that you can see Bob Barter (the decanter), once you have
    clicked “Decant” rotate the camera so you can see the banker, right click the
    banker and when Bob says “There you go, chum” click on the banker, (although
    this seems minor, it speeds up the process dramatically).

If you follow this; you can easily make upwards of 3m/h