World of Warcraft: Enhancement Shaman Echoes of Doom

The enhancement shaman sure has come a long way in this new patch from Blizzard for World of Warcraft.The shaman class (also known as a hybrid class because it can be a caster,healer, or melee class) is a class i have played for over 2 years.The three specs resto which is for healing, elemental which is for casting spells for damage, and enhancement used for melee damage are what is available to the shaman.My character is just as geared for resto but i prefer to use the enhancement spec because being able to run up and just blast people down with my weapons is just more fun to me.I am also coming from more of a pvp point of view rather than pve.
Since the launch of Echoes of Doom patch 3.0.2 i have found that playing my shaman as enhancement has become alot more fun and deadly.The new additions to the enhancement spec that i use include maelstrom weapon, feral spirit, improved stormstrike,and earthen power, while there are other additions like static shock (which i do not spec into) that improves your lightning shield and strength of earth totem which has been made to include the buff from grace of air totem.Most of these new additions have been added to improve the survivability of the enhancement shaman and i think most people would agree survivability was a much bigger problem for enhancement before this patch.

Maelstrom weapon is a major improvement on survivability.This talent gives the shaman a chance to stack this talent 5 times with each damaging melee attack reducing cast time of heals, lightning casts , and as soon as you hit lvl 75 in the upcoming expansion lava burst by 20% each stack. Anyone that has played the shaman before the patch knows when you were getting low in health it was not so easy to get that heal off when someone was trying to take you out due to cast knock back from damage being taken.

Feral spirit is also a great improvement on survivability.When you cast feral spirit you have 2 loyal ghostly wolves at your side with there own pet bar ready to do some of your dirty work for you.These wolves can attack players and bash them on your command stunning them for a couple seconds. They also have twin howl which will heal you for the damage they do and spirit walk which allows you to sprint for 12 seconds.Feral spirit has a 3 minute cooldown.

Improved stormstrike and Earthen power are also great to have. Improved stormstrike is capable of reducing the cooldown of stormstrike by two seconds and increases the charges by two as well. Earthen power if specced all the way into it will remove all snare effects from you and nearby party members which will save you from having to use your pvp trinket early. A couple of small modifications to the shaman include being able to use Shamanistic Rage while stunned and Anticipation also reduces the duration of disarm affects.

So all in all the new improvements to the enhancement specced shaman have made them much more lethal to other classes.So if your not an enhancement shaman watch your back while traveling through Azeroth you might just have some payback coming.