World of Warcraft BFA Cooking Guide


World of Warcraft is a huge universe to explore, and there are other things than just grinding end-game dungeons once you have achieved your objective. Blizzard has brought us many intriguing contents, and the most notable one is Professions. The easiest one to level up and probably one of the most entertaining is Cooking. That’s the primary reason why we had decided to publish this guide so that players like yourself can be aware of the interesting thing this platform has to offer.

With the release of Battle for Azeroth, many interesting changes and tweaks have been introduced in terms of Professions, and by that, we mean Cooking. You have to option as stated in this cooking guide wow to work with newly added reagent types that can be used to cook various food items in BFA. Cooking has now become a faction-specific profession, and there are two different trainers for both factions. Do you want to maximize the potential of your gold-earning techniques, or do you want to be a chef by nature? Everything is possible with the help of this cooking guide wow.

What are the changes that the Battle of Azeroth brought?

The seventh expansion of World of Warcraft brought a number of key changes to the Cooking Profession, and the most important one is that cooking is now split by faction. You have two different cooking skills – Kul Tiran Cooking (Alliance Players) and Zandalari Cooking (Horde Players). This was obviously done to differentiate the profession between the two factions so that it can be special for each one of them. Blizzard has also nerfed the levels of obtaining max profession. For instance, Classic Professions is now 300, WoW TBC/WotLK/Cata & MoP is now 75, Draenor/Legion is now 100, and BFA is now 150.

It’s actually good news because it helps to simplify the skill levels in the various Warcraft expansions, such as a BFA cooking guide. Since Vanilla has always been hardcore from the very beginning, obtaining the max level for Classic is higher than the other expansions. Another thing to note is that 13 new recipes have been added in the 8.1 patches of BFA, and the new feast recipes have a unique requirement of an item called Sanguicell. This item is a rare drop from the Uldir raid bosses.

How can I learn about the cooking profession?

You can learn more about cooking in this BFA cooking guide by visiting the trainers of your respective factions, and each of them is located within the two continents; Zandalar and Kul Tiras. Alliance faction players need to locate Cap’n Byron Mehlsack, who is located in Boralus (71.23, 10.72), and Horde faction players need to locate T’sarah the Royal Chef, located in Dazar’alor (The Inn).

These trainers are not only used to learn the actual cooking professions, but they are also a source of the general cooking recipes.

How do I start levelling up my cooking profession?

It’s the same way that you wow cooking levelling in Legion, MoP, WoD, etc., which is by crafting or cooking items. However, when we talk in terms of Legion, the BFA recipes now require different levels to be learned. Also, the recipes differ in color, which means that the color you move forward with will signify your chances to increase the skill levels. For instance, Orange increases your profession’s level for wow cooking levelling, yellow increases your profession’s level most of the time, green rarely increases your profession’s level, and grey will never increase your profession’s level.

These colored recipes are related to each other, and by that, I mean your rank 1 recipe can change its color to yellow once the level of your cooking reaches 25. However, to achieve the same with rank 2, you will have to shoot up to level 50 in cooking.

What would be the fastest way to level up your cooking profession to 150?

The most efficient and effortless way would be to center around making desserts until you reach level 50 and then switch to large meals of rank 1 and 2. To know more in detail, read the section below.

Level 1 onwards, you can start off by obtaining Mon’Dazi rank 1 recipe from your respective factions and craft the item until you are at level 10. After that, learn each of the recipes that your trainer has to offer and make them until you reach level 35. Now, get rank 1 recipe for the reaming desserts and start making them till level 50.

Level 50 onwards, you can start off by grabbing the rank 1 large meals and start crafting the least expensive one on the list (Seasoned Loins), which is a decent option. Continue till 75 and switch to rank 2 large meals by speaking to your trainer. Do the same till level 130, where your recipe will also change its color to yellow and then green. Finally, you will have two options; start crafting feasts, which is a faster, yet expensive method, or switch to cooking large meals until you reach level 150.