Myspace Mafia Wars Adds, Strategy, Train, Cheats, Etc

Myspace mafia wars is a MMORPG where players get to pretend they are a mob boss. This is the most popular game on that site, yet many people struggle needlessly in the game.
At first, I only had a few myspace mafia wars members, until I got smart about it. I wrote an article about needing help and many people joined my mob. Having a big mob is a very important part of being successful within the game. You can do a search on a free train and you will fid many to join you.

What does a large mob do for you in the myspace mafia wars game? You can complete the higher missions with ease, get more money per mission, and incur more money when you fight against others.

Granted only ten percent of your mob can fight at any given time but they help you. Each one can fight with one weapon, one amour, and one vehicle. Here is a good tip for you, purchase the same type of equipment for all of them. You do not want some fighting with their bare hands and some fighting with the best stuff.

Skip buying the best equipment, instead you need to focus on buying properties and only enough equipment to do the missions. Trust me people this will work to your advantage, later in the myspace mafia wars game. Buy as much property as you can, as quickly as you can. It is also cheaper to buy multiples of property as you can afford it.

Purchase the properties as often as you can to increase your hourly inflow of cash. This way you can afford the better weapons, armor, and vehicles. The better weapons will have an upkeep cost, and that will eat away at your hourly inflow.

Save the time when you are in the hospital to put large sums of cash in your hand to purchase equipment. This way it is not being taken when someone else clobbers you!

Resist the urge to heal thy self when you are on any level above 20 in myspace mafia wars, instead use that money to purchase more equipment so you can fight better.

When you raise a level, you get some skill points to spread around, as you know. I am sure all of us put some on energy, defense, and attack, but for the smaller levels, it is okay to add some extra on the stamina so you can fight more often with other myspace mafia wars.

The extra stamina will not really help you on a higher level unless you are armed to the teeth in the myspace mafia wars game, because everyone else is armed to the max as well USUALLY. Therefore, my advice is to toss the three points on energy, defense, and attack only after you hit level 20 in the game.

If you need a larger mafia, simply add your URL below. Kids ask your parents first if your account is set to private, safety is very important. Come back often and grab another name from the list, but copying and pasting the URL into your browser and adding that person as a friend. Have fun and be true to your mafia, and most off all enjoy the myspace mafia wars game for the crazy addictive fun game it is.