Qbee game pre-order is live!

Pre-orders closed: The pre-order was opened for a limited time ending May 31st. Estimated delivery starts June 2020.


Q* bee’s life in Beeville has never been easy. He always manages to get into trouble, but then he entered a strange portal at the edge of the forest!
Now, he’s trapped in a weird world of blocks, filled with danger and crazy creatures hot on his heels. Q*Bee needs help to get back home, he needs YOU!

Your mission

It’s a bee and bad-guy jumping jamboree!
Keep jumping over the cubes to change them to the target colour. Complete the whole pyramid and dispose of the dangers in your way.
Can you change all the cubes while avoiding the creatures out to get you?
Hurl bombs and fly on psychedelic disks as you progress through an ever-challenging series of fiendish levels.
Are you ready to enter the wacky world of Q*Bee???

Game features:

  • 36 stages divided into 9 Levels of 4 rounds each.
  • Progressive difficulty levels with unique enemies and challenges.
  • Flying psychedelic discs will help you to get rid of the baddies.
  • Powerful bombs to defeat your enemies, Use them wisely!
  • 512 colours Layer 2 screen mode,
  • Wonderful isometric graphics. Every sprite casts its own shadow.
  • Beautiful soundtracks featuring 3 + 3 AY channels for music & effects.
  • Hi-score and top ten record screen.
  • Smooth movements and accurate game control.
  • 50Hz/60Hz speed game auto-adjustment. Playability is the king!

Pre-order only: The pre-order is opened for a limited time ending May 31st. Estimated delivery starts June 2020. Get a physical copy of Q*bee now for your ZX Spectrum Next games collection.


Programming: Daniel Lopez
Graphics and cover design: Simon Butler
Music & effects: Alberto J. Gonzalez (McAlby)
Produced by D-Lo Games

16 Comments on “Qbee game pre-order is live!

  1. Hi
    Sorry for the ask
    Is asking price £13.99 with tax £16.99 including postage and packaging?
    Highest regards

    • Hi Simon,
      The postage is not included in the price, is added apart because the shipping cost may vary depending on the destination.


  2. Hi! I’m in the US and the checkout system is charging me VAT. Is this correct for my location? Thanks in advance!

  3. Hello there 🙂
    June is (basically) over. Any hints on when the deliveries will start? Will there be tracking numbers dispatched, or how it will be handled?

    Thanks 🙂

    • Hello Miki,
      I have had some delays from my suppliers but finally, it is all arranged and the shipping will be done in a few days. Hope to have all the orders shipped for the next Monday.
      The tracking number will be available into your account as well.


  4. Hi,
    I am in the U.K. and have now received an email from you advising me that you have now finished processing my order, which I hadn’t realised would be dispatched from Spain!
    In a reply to the last post you say that a tracking number will be available, but mine is listed as “No tracking”, so I would like to know how I can track my order progress, and also when I can expect to receive it please?
    Many Thanks,
    David Rolfe

    • Hi David,
      I’ve seen that you chose regular mail instead of certified mail. As I suppose you know the first is more economical but it does not have a tracking number so you can’t do any check of the progress.
      Anyway, Spain and UK are not so far each other and I think it should take 1 o 2 weeks to arrive at your destination.

      Daniel Lopez V.

      • Hi Daniel,
        To be honest, I didn’t realise that I had a choice, as it looked as if “Untracked” was the only option available to U.K. buyers when I placed my order!
        No problems anyway, as I am pleased to say that it was delivered safe and sound yesterdy morning!
        I assume that it is just a case of copying a file from the supplied SD card onto an existing ‘system’ card, or is the supplied one “self-booting”?

        • Hi David,

          I’m happy to know that you already have received the game!
          The game can be ‘self-booting’ with its own SD card. Anyway, if you want, you can copy the file QBee.NEX inside the card you normally use with the rest of your games. However, I recommend you create a QBee folder and inside it put the NEX file.


    • Hi Johan,

      Probably there will be a new physical launch after the second Kickstarter. The game will be available for digital download too, probably in a month or so.


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